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Merger - Notice of resolution

NOTICE is hereby given that the Governing Body of Central College Nottingham intends to make a resolution dissolving the Corporation of the College on 1 June 2017*, the date of the intended merger with New College Nottingham.   At the date of the merger, the combined colleges will assume the name Nottingham College.   The draft of the resolution is as follows:


  • publication of the results of a statutory consultation exercise undertaken by the Corporation of Central College Nottingham (as required under The Further Education Corporations (Publication of Proposals) (England) Regulations 2012);
  • the carrying out of legal and financial due diligence exercises in respect of the Corporation of New College Nottingham; and
  • publication of the draft resolution of the Corporation of Central College Nottingham to dissolve and provide for the transfer of its assets, rights and liabilities

the Corporation of Central College Nottingham hereby unconditionally RESOLVES to merge with the Corporation of New College Nottingham with effect from 1 June 2017*, with the Corporation of Central College Nottingham dissolving at one minute past midnight on 1 June 2017* and its assets, rights and liabilities transferring immediately before that time to New College Nottingham

* This Notice is published on the basis on the intention of the two corporations to merge on 1 June 2017 although there is a possibility that this date may be subject to change to a later date.

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The above notice forms part of the legal process and during the merger, students should apply in the usual way following the college’s application guidance and procedures. 

As the merger of the two colleges progresses, we will keep current students and new applicants up to date with the latest news and will update both college websites to help ensure everyone has the information they need. Our priority throughout the legal process of merger is to ensure that students studying at either college continue to have the high quality education and training they expect.