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Non-EU students

COURSE :International Foundation Programmes - 3 terms Accounting; Architecture; Business; Economics and Management;Engineering; Science START AND FINISH DATE:5 September 2017 to 29 June 2018 COURSE FEE:£16,850
COURSE :International Foundation Programmes - 2½ terms Business START AND FINISH DATE:5 January 2018 to 29 June 2018 COURSE FEE:£16,850

Please note:

  • A 60% deposit is required before a Visa Confirmation Letter or CAS is issued to secure a place on the course. The remaining fees are payable in full on or before enrolment, Students whose fees will be paid by a sponsor organisation (e.g. government/embassy), must produce formal written evidence of this before they can be accepted for enrolment. Please see our ‘Terms and Conditions of Acceptance’ which will be sent with your Offer Letter for full details of payments and our refund policy.
  • Some bursaries and scholarships are available for International Foundation Programmes - please contact the International Office to find out what we offer for your country by emailing
  • Students from China should contact University First for information on scholarships by emailing
  • All information is correct at the time of writing. The College reserves the right to alter information at any time, if appropriate.

Additional costs for international students

  • IELTS examination fees of approximately £160 per examination (if applicable). We arrange up to 2 optional IELTS examinations per year in the College.
  • Cost of course books (approximately £20 - £30 per book; usually 1 book per class), and any additional specialist learning materials required, e.g. sketch books and art materials for those students taking an art-related subject. More details are given in the Parents’ Guide.
  • General living expenses - in addition to your accommodation fees you will need money to cover the cost of things such as food, travel and other day-to-day expenses such as mobile phone bills. If your accommodation fees do not include heating and electricity then you will also need extra money to cover the cost of these things (NB: these are included in the fees for Homestay and student halls of residence accommodation, but are not usually included for private rented accommodation). To obtain a Tier 4 General Student Visa you will need to show you have at least £1,015 per month for 9 months (£9,135 in total) in addition to your course fees to cover living expenses.
Accommodation fees
TYPE OF ACCOMMODATION :Homestay: Compulsory for students under the age of 18. Includes: heating and electricity costs; reasonable internet use. BOARD BASIS:Bed and breakfast FEES:£85 per week
TYPE OF ACCOMMODATION : BOARD BASIS:Bed, breakfast and evening meal with lunch at weekends FEES:£135 per week
TYPE OF ACCOMMODATION :Student Accommodation - various options (please see the ‘Accommodation Guide for Students Over 18’) Students aged 18 and over only. En-suite rooms with shared kitchen. Includes heating, electricity and internet. Bedding packs and kitchen utensils are usually available at an extra charge. BOARD BASIS:Self-catering (room only) FEES:£90 to £120 per week with £250 deposit

* Deposit and fees payable directly to the accommodation provider - details will be provided in the Accommodation Offer Letter. Usually based on a 44-week contract. If you will be studying for a shorter period please contact us and we will do our best to help you to find accommodation. Please see our Accommodation Guides for more information on the choices available and how to book.

Need more help? Get in touch.

International Office - Beeston Centre

+44 (0)115 884 2218 or +44 (0)115 884 2804