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Ashna Farooq

I've already recommended the College to a friend!

Ashna Farooq - Full-Time EFL

I came to the College to try to improve my English Language, as I need to achieve a certain level to complete a Masters Degree course in Chemistry. I hope to progress to the University of Nottingham, and after that I would like to go on to PhD study. When I arrived here, my speaking and writing were not very good, but I now feel I can express my feelings in English a lot better. I practise with others on my course and in the College, which helps a lot.

The best part of the College is definitely its staff - everything about them is good, for example they are very helpful and they want to assist you.

I would recommend this college to others, because I started from a low level, and have now learned speaking and writing skills especially. The teaching methods at the beginning seemed simple, and I really benefited from that . Now they are more advanced and focused and that’s good too.

I’ve already recommended the College to a friend!