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Support for Students on the Autism Spectrum

Support involves:

  • Individually tailored transition plans from school to college (if notified in advance).
  • Assessment of the needs of the student and discussion with the student, parent/carers, school and other professionals involved to determine the most appropriate support package.
  • Regular tutorials with the Support Tutor to help monitor attendance, progress and to develop strategies that will help the student to achieve. The Support Tutor organises classroom/lunchtime support through Learning Support Assistants (LSAs), when required, depending on the individual needs of the student and the nature of the course.

Support aims to help students deal with many issues that they will face.

For example:

  • Dealing with change
  • Meeting deadlines for assignments
  • Understanding the meaning of key concepts
  • Relating with others in social situations
  • Coping with unstructured time
  • Timekeeping and organisational skills