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Horizons Supported Internships for Employers


Join Central in supporting young people with a disability and/or learning difficulty to enjoy the benefits of employment

The Supported Internship programme is a structured package of workplace training which integrates guidance and support for both the employer and the intern from our expert job coaches while interns do real jobs for a minimum of six months. Over ninety per cent of students who undertake supported internship nationally have been offered employment with local employers. We are looking for supportive local businesses to provide work opportunities which will help a number of these young people into real jobs.

This is a fantastic opportunity to get involved and give a young person with disabilities/learning difficulties a chance to improve their prospects. For more information and to find out if you can help please contact us 0115 884 2650

What is a supported internship?

It is a job specially adapted to meet the skills and ability of an individual which must fulfil a genuine business need for the employer. In other words, the role the intern undertakes should fulfil a role which makes a productive contribution to your business.

The intern will work for 16 hours a week depending upon the needs of the employer and the skills and abilities of the young person.

These jobs will be brokered between the College and each employer to ensure a good match between the skills and abilities of the intern and the demands of the role.

The internship will last for one academic year. Central College staff will be available to support both the young person and the employer in the workplace.

Why is it different to other work placements and apprenticeships?

Supported Internships are for young people with a significant disability or learning difficulty who would not be able to take on a standard Apprenticeship. If specific equipment is needed to support the intern, help will be provided through the Access to Work fund.

They are unpaid during the Internship. They should fulfil a real need for the employer, but unlike Apprenticeships, the job will be constructed around the skills and ability of the intern.

It is hoped that at the end of the internship the employer will take the person on as a paid employee to continue with the same tasks. However, this is not a requirement. 

What about health and safety and insurance? Will this mean meeting lots of additional regulatory requirements?

There are no additional requirements.


Employers’ Liability Insurance covers all employees, including young people on temporary placements. Employers won’t pay additional premiums for providing placements to young people. There are no additional forms to complete.

Health and safety legalisation

Under Health and Safety legislation, employees with a disability or learning difficulty are treated the same as any other employee of the same age. 

Will there be support for the employer at the end of the project?

Yes, the support provided during the internship will continue to be available to employers who hire an intern at the end of the project. This will be administrated through the Access to Work programme from Job Centre Plus.

Interested in recruiting a support intern?

We are open to exploring any work opportunities in all sectors, with both large or small organisations. Examples include reception work, house keeping, administration, catering or employment as an IT assistant, gardening/horticulture assistant, warehouse or shop assistant.

For more information, or to recruit a supported intern for your organisation, please contact Mark Johnson on 0115 884 2650 or email: