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Support for Students with Physical and Medical Needs

We can offer:

  • Assessment to determine mobility problems, personal care including mealtimes, classroom strategies and other support needs.
  • Support linked to need and ability, which is provided by a team of learning support assistants.
  • Facilities for physiotherapy, personal and nursing care.
  • Liaison with external agencies as appropriate, e.g. Social Services, occupational therapy, speech therapy.
  • Ongoing contact and liaison with course tutors and other College staff.
  • Alternative arrangements for examinations and assessments.
  • Much of the College is accessible to wheelchair users; there are 3 shaft lifts, 2 stair lifts, ramps and some automatic doors.

We also have a tutor who can support students with a range of medical conditions.
We can:

  • Devise a support plan.
  • Keep a record of any medications and the student’s condition in case of emergency.
  • Help with medication whilst in college if necessary.
  • Provide specialist facilities for personal care.
  • Offer access to First Aid facilities / a bed rest area in an emergency.
  • Assess and arrange special arrangements for exams.
  • We also have access to specialist medical advice if needed and can talk to the student’s own medical professionals if requested.