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Adult Learners

Travel to and from College

Students travelling more than 1.5 miles from home to College, are eligible for travel support. Student Finance will support with the cheapest way to travel.

Passes will be issued for students travelling on NCT, Trent Barton or Tram.

A bike loan for the year may be available for eligible students interested in cycling to College as an alternative to using public transport.

Essential Course Costs

On some courses students are required to purchase essential kit or equipment e.g. Hair & Beauty/Sports Kits. Eligible students will receive support towards these costs; awards may be paid directly to the department where appropriate. Where students purchase kits/equipment direct, receipts maybe required for refunds to be made.

Eligible students on courses such as Art, Design & Photography will receive support towards material costs.

Eligible students on certain courses may receive support towards the cost of their essential course books.

Essential Study Visits

On some courses students are required to attend trips as part of their studies. Eligible students may receive support towards the cost of trips – subject to confirmation from tutors.

Awards are paid directly to the department.

20+ Childcare

The 20+ Childcare Fund is available to ‘home students’, aged 20 or over on 31st August 2016 prior to the start of their course, who are studying on eligible courses, and where the household income was £25,000* or less in the 2015/16 tax year.

  • Help is usually given for your child(ren) to attend a OFSTED registered childcare provider, whilst you are attending your timetabled lessons.
  • Students will be required to meet a minimum of 10% of Childcare costs.

The Childcare Fund is very limited, early applications are strongly advised. Support is subject to funds available.

You can apply online via StudentNet

Download Childcare provider details form if you are using more than one childcare provider

Childcare Provider Details Form

Alternatively you can download a Childcare Application Form here.

View the Childcare Guidance Leaflet here.

Course Fees

All queries regarding fee costs (students aged 19+ and over only) should be directed to Front Line Services (Receptions) at all main college sites or by calling 0115 914 6414 and asking for information regarding fee costs for 2016/17 or by visiting our Course Fees page.

How to Apply for Student Finance

Contact the Student Finance Team

If you have any questions, please get in touch with our student finance team:

Tel: 0115 914 6414 and ask for Student Finance.