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Debating the Future of Humans at Science Youth Parliament

Published on: 25/02/2016 (11:15AM)

Students at the science Youth ParliamentThe human brain, augmented humans and imitating nature were all debated by Central College Nottingham students at a recent European Youth Parliament regional meeting. The event in Nottingham on 18 and 19 February was one of 17 student parliaments taking place across Europe between January and April.

The group of 14 Level 3 BTEC Medical and Forensic Science students joined 50 other 16-19 year olds from across Nottingham for Debate Science! Youth Parliament. The idea behind the European Youth Parliament is to promote the exchange between scientists and young students, while getting valuable feedback on the issues between science and society.

The students attended an induction evening where they took part in workshops with expert scientists. Then the Youth Parliament simulated real-life parliamentary sessions.

Sixteen-year-old Lewis Field from Clifton said:

‘My group looked at synthetic biology. So, for example we discussed things like building robotic body parts and how you could reproduce a synthetic heart in a lab to say, replace a damaged one. I would recommend the event, the speakers were really good. It’s also made me interested in getting involved in debates.’

Jane Cunningham, Curriculum Manager for Science and Employer Skills at Central, said:

“The event was a fantastic opportunity for our students to debate exciting developments in science, but also to think about real-world issues that they could help to address in their future working lives. The expert knowledge from the leading scientists will not only help on their course, but it also introduced them to a range of potential career opportunities.”

Councillor Nick McDonald, Portfolio Holder for Jobs and Skills at Nottingham City Council, said:

“This event is a great way for young people in Nottingham to talk about the future of science and industry in the city. Nottingham itself is a science city so it’s a perfect location to engage with and discuss scientific issues that affect the world today. It’s also a great way for local teenagers as they decide on further education or employment to listen to, work with and learn from experts in the field.”

The event was organised by Nottingham City Council and Nottingham Trent University.

For more information about science courses at Central College Nottingham call 0115 914 6414.