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Out of the Blue and Into the Red

Published on: 05/11/2015 (11:15AM)

Darts competition16 players competed in the ASA darts competition held at Central College in room 180. The innovative warm up darting games were a great success and the team events were won by Jack “The Joker” Kavanagh, Abbi “Bully” Bladon, Jo “The One” Shirley and Gary “Mr Brightside” Horsley. This led to the Grand Slam and 301 knock out tournament were Ian “Pops” Wood and Sarah “Masters” Green won a competitive final 2v1 against Jo “The One” Shirley and Gary “Mr Brightside” Horsley. “Pops” Wood producing a fine double 10 to claim the pair’s title.

Dylan Price – the student organiser and compare for the evening comments:

“The night was great, I really enjoyed the night and it took me out of my comfort zone ! Scoring in the final was a pressure situation – 16 people watching my maths skills !! – but I did well and appreciate the experience the night has given me.”

Destini Ricketts – student at the college and event organiser comments:

“I enjoyed the night and really got into the competition. I really enjoyed the walk on music and the atmosphere this created. The disco lights and lighting really created fun and ensured everyone relaxed and enjoyed the event.”

Chloe Johnson fellow student organiser at the college comments:

“I haven’t really played darts before but got straight into the atmosphere and by the end starting hitting some good scores. The event has helped me appreciate the “behind the scenes” planning required at such events and I really enjoyed the night.”

Gary Horsley – Curriculum and Room 180 Manager comments:

“The night was a great success and the students did really well. I am proud of how they coped with the pressure and the experience will stand them in good stead for their future career in the sports industry. It was lovely to network with the ASA and sure everyone had a really positive experience. Darts is such fun and as the sport develops, Room 180 will be a key area for development for our curriculum at the college.”

Ian Wood – ASA comments –

“It was a great night and lovely to have won the tournament ! Room 180 creates a lovely atmosphere and all staff enjoyed the experience – the students did well and the scoring in the final was first class. We have raised money for Maddie’s smile so all in all a very positive event – hopefully this might lead onto an annual event for the ASA and the Central College, Nottingham.”