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Arts, Crafts and Textiles


We have a range of different art and craft courses so you’re sure to find something that sparks your interest. Whether you’re new to the world of art and craft and looking for inspiration, would like to make something beautiful for a loved one, or want a qualification to add to your CV we can help. From knitting, millinery and sewing, to jewellery-making and ceramics you’ll be spoilt for choice.

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Sewing Skills - Bag Making

Learn how to put your sewing machine skills into action whilst making a range of different bags!

  • sewing machine

Stained Glass/Copper Foil for All

Learn how to produce a stained glass piece of work, using the copper foil technique!

Jewellery Making: Mixed Media Stone Setting

Learn some of the many ways of jewellery making including setting a stone or object.

Sewing Skills: Dressmaking

Learn how to draft a skirt and bodice block and make them into patterns.

Dressmaking: How to Clone Your Clothes

Learn to understand body measurements and cut out fabric, then how to “copy” an existing garment onto pattern paper to make a pattern and using the correct techniques to construct your “cloned” garment or accessory

  • sewing
  • sewing machine

Dressmaking: Free-Cutting and Draping Method

Learn how to cut out simple garments just using body or garment measurements or how to cut using the draping method to design garments straight onto a dress stand

  • sewing machine

Sewing Skills for Improvers with Stretch Fabric

Learn how to sew and construct more complicated garments from stretch fabric using the correct stitch techniques.

  • dressmaking
  • sewing machine

Sewing Skills for Beginners with Stretch Fabric

Learn how to sew and construct simple garments from stretch fabric using the correct stitch techniques.

Dressmaking: Perfect Fit

Learn how to sew and construct simple garments and accessories using the correct techniques and make that garment fit perfectly!

  • sewing
  • sewing machine

Introduction to Soap Stone Carving

Soapstone is a beautifully coloured soft stone and you will understand and use carving techniques to create a small sculpture.

Jewellery Making: Mixed Media Metal Crafts

Learn how to make jewellery using torch fired enamelling, salt water etching, forging and metal clay.

  • metal clay
  • silver jewellery
  • enamelling

Sewing Skills: Customising/Altering Improvers with Enterprise Skills

Learn how to customer and alter garments using the correct techniques.

Sewing Machine/Dressmaking Skills Improvers with Enterprise Skills

Learn how to use sewing machines and other equipment while constructing garments and accessories using the correct techniques.

Dressmaking: Professional Finishes

Finish your garments to professional standards!

Jewellery Workshop

This one day workshop is suitable for anyone wishing to learn different techniques for making jewellery.

  • silver jewellery

Screen Printing

This course is for you if you have an interest in screen-printing. You will have guided studio time to develop your skills and knowledge in this specialist area and be encouraged to explore creative design processes through to printed outcomes…

Sewing Skills: Mixed Textiles Crafts

Completing this short course will give you sound a basis for further learning in sewing skills.

Ceramics Studio Practice

This course offers students the opportunity of time and expertise of working in a specialist ceramic studio to extend skills and knowledge beyond a beginners course.  Working alongside like-minded students to exchange ideas and share skills is a further benefit…

Cake Decoration (NCFE Level 1)

This course will enhance your skills in decorating cakes.

Cake Decoration - Beginners (NCFE Level 1)

The course will enable you to learn many cake decorating techniques and to produce a professional looking celebration cake and more.

Cake Decoration Skills including Sugar Flowers

Learn how to make a variety of sugar flowers and cakes for weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, and other special occasions.

Ceramics - Introduction / Intermediate / Advanced

You will develop your practical and design skills through personal projects.

  • PCDL

Dressmaking (NCFE Level 1)

You will learn how to sew and construct simple garments and accessories using the correct techniques.

Dressmaking/Pattern Making (NCFE Level 1)

Learn the basics of dressmaking and make a dress/ garment. Make your own patterns and garments to fit yourself.

Jewellery: Mixed Jewellery (NCFE Level 1)

This course aims to teach the learner some of the basic jewellery making skills.

  • silver jewellery

Jewellery: Silversmithing (NCFE Level 1)

This course is for improvers.. You will explore a number of skills suitable for making jewellery and other decorative items from home.  Basic metal craft skills can be used in many different ways to change the appearance of metals…

  • silver jewellery

Sewing Machine Skills (NCFE Level 1)

This course is ideal for beginners, wanting to learn how to sew. 

Sewing Skills (NCFE Level 1)

This sewing course will unleash your creativity making accessories for yourself and others!

Sewing Skills: Fabric Journals (NCFE Level 1)

This course give you the opportunity to explore making fabric and paper books/journals.

Sewing Skills: Vintage Inspired (NCFE Level 1)

This course will help to improve and develop your sewing skills whether you are a beginner or improver.

Stained Glass (NCFE Level 1)

The course gives you the opportunity to enjoy learning new skills, and to build confidence in using a variety of materials and equipment.

Mosaics Gifts

This course will aim to challenge your existing mosaic and enterprise skills. You will be creating items to sell at craft fairs or to give as high quality Christmas or special occasion gifts.

Sewing Skills: Bag, Gifts and Accessories (NCFE Level 1)

This will give you the opportunity to learn new skills and techniques by experimenting with materials and tools whilst making beautiful fabric bags, gifts and accessories.

Painting and Drawing

Learners to develop your drawing and painting skills in a range of media. Taking Spring as the theme, still-life, landscape and the figure will be explored

Fashion and Pattern Cutting

This is a 10 week course for anyone who has an interest in pattern cutting or fashion construction.

Sewing Skills: Knitting/Crochet (NCFE Level 1)

This course gives you the opportunity to learn several different techniques using the skills of knitting, crochet and sewing, working on mini projects each week with a vintage theme.

Stained Glass for Beginners

The course gives you the opportunity to enjoy learning new skills, and to build confidence in using a variety of materials and equipment.

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